How do these press-ons work?
Press-ons are a temporary, quicker and less damaging way to get nail art on your own time! They are very different from getting your nails done in the salon and again, are a more temporary alternative. Press-ons are also reusable which is convenient for those who only want claws for nights out but have work again on Monday. Single color sets include 24 nails of all sizes (0-9) to pick from as well as application materials and instructions to put them on. Pre-designed, custom sets include a complimentary sizing pack for you to size your nails, and the finished set will come with 10 nails in your custom sizes. You can wear them for as long as you want, as little as you want and if one pops off or lifts, you can just glue them back on! Quick and convenient.
What are the press-ons made of?
Unlike plastic or acrylic resin, the nail tips we use are made of soft gel. This means that the tips quickly soak off in acetone. All nails are prepped and painted with high quality gel products.
How long to the press-ons last?
With nail glue, it could be between 5-7 days, or it could be up to three weeks. Some people have reported going over three weeks. There is never an exact amount of days they should/could last because it truly depends on proper preparation and application. But please remember, press-ons are made to be temporary. No set of hands or nails are the same, so the more exact you can get with sizing and prep work, the better the results.
It is recommended to remove them around the 2-3 week mark to avoid water and/or bacteria possibly getting trapped in between the nail and the press-on, which can cause discoloration of your natural nail. If any lifting occurs, taking that nail off and reapplying it would help avoid this issue as well.
What is included when purchasing a set?
  • 24 press-on nails of all sizes for you to find the best fit for each nail OR 10 press-on nails in your custom sizes if you order a design.
  • 1 KDS Nail Glue
  • 1 Nail File
  • 1 Wooden Cuticle Pusher
  • 1 Nail Buffer
  • 2 Alcohol Pads
  • Instructions

How many sizes of each tip is included in 24-count single color sets?

Size 0- 2 

Size 1- 2

Size 2- 2

Size 3- 2

Size 4- 2

Size 5- 4

Size 6- 4

Size 7- 2

Size 8- 2

Size 9- 2

These sizes are based off of looking at our past orders and seeing which sizes were repeated most often. If you feel like your nails are on the wider/bigger side, we recommend ordering a sizing pack in the desires shape and length you want for accurate sizing.

My nail keeps popping off. What am I doing wrong?

Very common, especially if it is your first time trying press-on nails.

Make sure you are being as thorough and clean as you can with your prep work (instructions included in packaging). If you are in between sizes and you can't decide which size fits best, choose the larger one and file to fit. If you choose the smaller one, the tip won't cover your entire nail bed from side to side, causing the nail to pop off easily. Daily lifestyle and wear play a big part of the longevity of these press-ons, so be mindful when applying the glue. The more glue, the longer and better they can stay on. Always remember to file off any excess glue from the underside of the nail and your natural nail to get the best adhesion the second or third time around. We recommend investing in an electric nail file and a nail dehydrator if you think you'll be reapplying or purchasing our press-ons often!

Are these nails reusable?

They absolutely are! If you are planning to reuse them and they haven't began lifting on their own, soak your nails in warm, soapy water and adding a couple drops of cuticle oil helps a lot. Soak them and check on the periodically for lifting. Once the press-on begins to lift, you can use the wooden cuticle pusher provided to help wiggle them off. This method does take longer, so be patient to avoid causing damage to your natural nail and the press-on nail. You can keep reusing these nails until you feel they've reached their fullest potential, and don't forget about filing off the residual glue.

How do I remove the nails?

If you got your best use out of these nails, you can cut them down then soak them in acetone. Again, these are made of soft gel so they will soften up and soak off. You can scrape the left over soft gel off with the wooden cuticle pusher. Once all removed, take your nail buffer and buff any extra nail glue left on your natural nail. Bonus tip, investing in some cuticle oil to keep your nails healthy in between sets! We like to apply the cuticle oil onto my actual nails and buff off the glue that way.

How can I keep the nails clean?

Warm, soapy water. You can also use alcohol to wipe down the top of the nail. This applies also if you are reapplying and want to clean off the entire tip. This will help remove any excess oils and make them shiny again. An electric nail file also helps to clean the inside of the press-on more precisely. 

If I only want my exact nails sizes, what do I do?

If you don't want any extra nails to go to waste, you can always purchase a sizing pack in your desired shape and length. Sizing packs are available in all shape and lengths we have. This will help narrow down the amount of press-ons you get and leave you with your exact nail sizes. We will also include one extra nail in each of your sizes if you choose to go this route. If you've ordered a custom set from us before, we should have your nail sizes on file and can use them as well. Just shoot us an email after check out with which shape/length and design you ordered and inform us that you'd like your custom sizes!

How are the sets on your website different from custom orders?

These are different than our usual custom orders because there will be no need for a sizing pack. Typically when orders are custom, we send a sizing pack in the specific shape and length you want, you tell us a custom design or color you want and you receive exactly 10 nails in the exact sizes you found fit your nail best and with the design you requested. The ready to ship sets on the other hand have 24 nails of all sizes for you to choose from. All the nails are pre-painted with only the available colors and designs posted. 

Are you accepting custom orders?

Custom orders are usually always available to order unless stated otherwise in our Instagram bio (@pressed.byp). Emails are strongly suggested over DM's. For custom order questions or inquiries, please feel free to email us at pressedbypbooking@gmail.com